We live in a society where the girl child is not relevant.

For me, not anymore; because I am powerful and I can code.

At Owo digital academy powered by EduLight, I learned coding skills.

I realized that to be relevant in society, you have to be a problem solver, your gender notwithstanding.

As a girl, I can use my coding skills to create an app to address various problems.

I led my team to develop a website that helps to crowdfund for eligible students who cannot afford the cost of tertiary education.

As a team leader, I crafted the vision for our work, I delegate responsibilities at the same time get involved in the coding.

I code because coding has made me a leader.

I code because it helps me to express myself and I found self-confidence in coding.

For me; coding is a potent tool to propagate the message of gender equality.

Every girl child should learn to code.

I love coding.